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Bill Bensing

Field CTO

Tell us a bit about Bill Bensing

I’ve spent half of my time in industry, and half of my time out of industry with startups. I’ve worked, and built companies, across many industries that are highly-regulated and consumer-facing companies. I find technology the best way for me to address opportunities and problems for the world. Most recently I co-authored “Investments Unlimited”, a real story that has been fictionalized to show how regulated organizations can reduce their toil and increase efficacy.

What drew you to Kosli?

Security & Compliance have been the historical reason for most of my headaches in an enterprise. When I joined the industry all I wanted to do was write software and very often I got in the same situation where people would “throw” Security and Compliance my way as if this was something they didn’t want to deal with. So I took on these roles and tried to find a way to solve all these issues. Now, I joined Kosli to better bring my ideas and solutions to the enterprise so other developers won’t face the same headaches I did.

Anything unusual or amusing to share?

I’ll share with you two of my talks that I’ve given recently and I really enjoy:

“Dear Security, Compliance, and Auditors, We’re Sorry. Love, DevOps”

“Trusted Software Supply Chain”

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Building technology solutions for Aquaculture (ocean farming), Learning about the history of programming languages, brewing beer, aviation, writing open source software

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