Security Vulnerability Scanning

Security Vulnerability Scanning #

TLDR: Software is scanned for security vulnerabilities prior to deployment
Rationale: Many common security vulnerabilities can be detected with automated tools. By implementing tools for dependency scanning, SAST, and DAST in the pipeline we can reduce the attack surface of our software

Background #

Magnifying glass

Vulnerability scanning is the automated process of proactively identifying software vulnerabilities in software. Many common security attacks such as vulnerable components and insecure coding techniques can be prevented by integrating these tools in your devops, and acting in a timely manner on issues found.

At minimum, we recommend dependency scans in the pipelines. More advanced tools such as Synk can help identify vulnerabilities post deployment, and help with remedial actions.

  • Implement security scanning in the pipeline
  • Act in a timely manner to security issues
  • Consider security concerns in code reviews and software design

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