Change Management stealing your DevOps gains? Agents Long & Logan are here to help at DevOps Enterprise Summit!

In Las Vegas this week? Be on the look out for the DevOps Compliance Agency (DCA)! Find a field agent and ask them about delivering audit ready software with Continuous Compliance.
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Mike and James agents of Kosli

“You know, it may feel like regulators are out to get us, but they’re really there to help us and help protect our customers.”

Did you spot this in your DevOps Enterprise summit goody bag? Kosli solves for exactly this use case and more. Ask one of our Agents in the field for advice or scroll down for more info.

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Kosli helps teams in these regulated organizations release software every day

Unlock DevOps and streamline complex change management controls

Eliminate wasteful change management delays and give your developers total control over software delivery. Stop using IT for release approvals - go faster with better compliance.

Stack of paperwork for conventional change management
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Slow, manual and risky
Continuous compliance loop
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Fast, automated and compliant

No more tickets, no more meetings. Release software with Continuous Compliance

Put your DevOps teams in the driving seat

Deploy continuously with speed and compliance

It’s a mistake to think that going slower means going safer. Tickets and meetings make for longer lead times without mitigating your risks. With DevOps change management you can have speed and compliance. Increase your deployment frequency and know that only compliant releases are going to production.

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Have confidence in your SDLC

Do you really know that your processes are being followed? Are there nasty surprises waiting to be found in your production environment? With Kosli you can always know what's running in production, how it got there, and if it's in compliance. Check the state of your DevOps for any point in time - instantly.

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Choose your tools and standards

Give yourself DevOps freedom over tooling now and in the future. With Kosli you can deliver compliant software at the speed of DevOps with the CI/CD tools of your choice. It doesn’t matter which standard you’re adhering to either. Automate for ISO, SOC2, PCI-DSS, or your own internal policy.

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Works with everything in your stack

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Elite performing teams deliver changes 973x more frequently. You’ve invested in DevOps - now unlock the benefits with Continuous Compliance.
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We can trace a line all the way from production, through our approvals, through our qualification process, all the way back to the original Git commit. It’s the best way I know of mitigating insider threat because we’ve got the audit trail for absolutely everything.
Andreas Røe, Chief Technology Officer at ZTL

We help DevOps
teams in banking/crypto/payments/insurance/automotive/healthcare
release compliant software every day

Regulated teams are moving to DevOps and continuous delivery. And that means solving change management with automation. The old school ITIL processes used for quarterly releases don't work for frequent deploys. With Kosli you can automate your change management requirements as part of your DevOps. Release compliant software on demand.

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Features that enable Continuous Delivery for regulated DevOps teams

Cryptographic fingerprint icon

Use cryptographic fingerprints to make sure the artifact you qualify is the one you deploy

Risk Control icon

Take risk controls out of CAB meetings and automate them in your CI pipelines.

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Generate release approvals from version control or Slack. Deploy without ceremony.

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Automate deployment controls to make sure only compliant software is running.

Environment icon

Know what's really running in prod with real time reporting. See the full change history.

Viva Las Vegas! Look out for the DevOps Compliance Agency (DCA) at DevOps Enterprise Summit

Intrigued by Continuous Compliance? Flag down Agent Long or Agent Logan at DevOps Enterprise Summit in Las Vegas. They’re on site to talk about all things DevOps. And, remember, what happens in production stays in Kosli!
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Mike and James agents of Kosli