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Worried about risky non-compliant changes? Ensure security with continuous monitoring from requirement to production

Most security and observability solutions focus on the software supply chain and securing golden pipelines. But these approaches can't guarantee that all the software running in your production environments is secure and compliant. Kosli gives you continuous monitoring in production and sends actionable alerts as soon as unauthorized changes start running.

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Real-time forensics for any environment

Stay ahead of cyber threats with real-time recording of production workloads with a full historical record for audit and incident analysis.
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Seamless Compliance Monitoring

Don’t wait until audit to find compliance deviations. With Kosli you can continuously enforce compliance with your security standards across every workload.
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Improve security with zero trust compliance actions

Avoid silent failures, subjective/patchy compliance. Kosli’s attestations and alerts ensure security actions are fact-based, timely and measurable towards your goals.

Whatever security standard you need to achieve, Kosli can help

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What is Continuous Monitoring?

Approving changes to production with manual documentation processes is slow and prone to human error. Manual sign-offs, paperwork, screenshots and change advisory boards can’t keep up with the speed of DevOps teams, the requirments of modern security, or the demand to do more with less in today’s technology organizations.

Kosli’s Continuous Monitoring solution allows Dev, Ops, compliance officers, security teams, SREs, CISOs, even external regulators, to see whats running in production, how it got there, and if it’s in compliance with your defined standards. It allows you to deploy software safely, securely, and continuously. Teams can observe changes to production in real time and get alerts when a change is non-compliant. Never get caught short in a security breach, outage, or audit ever again.

Lean more about Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring is for teams who need to prove their SDLC is being followed

Ditch the detective work, know what’s running at any time with 100% confidence

Reduce detective work across complex systems in the event of a breach, outage or exploited vulnerabilities. When things go wrong, the last thing you should worry about is reverse engineering the history of your environments.

With Kosli’s environment recording, you have a full history for what’s running, where it came from, and if it is compliant with your standards.

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Enforce your process across every team and system

With sprawling teams, distributed architectures and tool silos it can be a real pain to ensure every change has followed your process.

With Kosli you can gather attestations for code review, security scans, or deployments approvals automatically. It’s quick to set up, and integrates with your existing tools and process.

So you can be sure that every change is compliant. Every time.

Kosli - brining a centralized view and storage to the sprwal of software change and compliance

Replace paperwork with objective, fact-based security

If you’re using screenshots, spreadsheets, and manual sign offs to approve changes, you’re delaying your software release to get a patchy record of what actually happened.

This is slow, requires a lot of trust, and makes audit a nightmare

With Kosli, attestations and alerts ensure security actions are fact-based, timely and measurable towards your goals.

Automated attestation and evidence gathering no paperwork, happy teams

See how Continuous Monitoring can work for your team

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Real-time workload detection, automated compliance checks, and actionable alerts

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Risk Controls

Take risk controls out of tickets and meetings (CAB) and automate them in your CI pipelines and business process.

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Change Forensics

Improve MTTR by understanding the source of any change immediately with a complete history of all your changes

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Deployment Controls

Take a proactive security stance with automated deployment controls to make sure only compliant software is running

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Release Approvals

Generate release approvals from version control or Slack. Deploy without screenshots, delays and misinformation

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Know what's really running in your production environments with real time status updates, reporting and notifications in app or in Slack.

Kosli along side other top monitoring tools, DataDOg, Grafana, Splunk, New RElic, Sumo Logic, Prometheus

Does Kosli fit in with my other monitoring tools?

YES! Kosli doesn’t replace any of the tools in your current software development process. Kosli is designed to integrate with a variety of existing monitoring tools to build a more complete and accurate pictiure of your changes. We’re not a substitute for your tools like Datadog, Prometheus, Grafana, Splunk and so on. We help join the dots hetween them.

Kosli integrates and enhances your security posture by giving you a provable record of every activity between commit and deploy and tieing all your tooling together.

So you can always see if something sneaks into your production environment that shouldnt be there and that your processes are being followed. With one click generate an audit trail without manual evidence gathering to keep auditors off your back.

Ready to ship with more confidence?

Get security and compliance you can trust without slowing down or changing your tools.
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We’re here to help, our customers range from larges fintechs, medtechs and regulated business all looking to streamline their DevOps audit trails

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Audit Trails

Automatically provide the proof that a critical business process actually took place.

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Continuous Monitoring

Identify threats, trace changes. and secure your production environments.

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Slack Notifications

Stay on top of environment changes and compliance events in real time.

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