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Record, connect, and search changes with almost anything in your stack

Connect effortlessly with a wide range of tools and platforms to enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and accelerate deployment

Integrations with Kosli

Banks, fintechs, Payments, SaaS, and Medical companies all over the world trust Kosli — and that’s in part thanks to our commitment to our agniostic approach to compliance - Record what you want, your way.


Enhance application and infrastructure security with monitoring and access control
3 integrations

Feature Flags

Control every software release
1 integration


Ensure software quality with automated testing frameworks
2 integrations


Manage and provision cloud resources and infrastructure components
3 integrations


Monitor application performance metrics for optimization and issue diagnosis
3 integrations


Streamline IT service delivery and support processes
2 integrations


Enable real-time communication and workflow automation between systems
1 integration


Foster collaboration and automate tasks within chat interfaces for operational workflows
2 integrations

Frequently asked questions

Evaluating Kosli

Yes, we have a free plan where you can access all features. It does not require a credit card and you can quickly create the account with Github auth. The free plan is great for developers and engineers who want to understand how their environments are changing and track the history of their deployments.

CI pipelines and SDLC events: You can record builds, unit test evidence, security scans, code reviews, PRs, approvals, and more.

Deployments to production: You can record every change made to your environment, whether changes come from CI or from an unauthorized source.

Infrastructure as code: You can record all changes to your infrastructure, allowing you to detect infrastructure drifts.

Business processes: You can record everything from user provisioning and privilege escalation to financial transactions.

You can click on sign up and create an account using your GitHub account.

Yes! You can invite your team on Kosli very easily. You need to create a shared organization on Kosli, click on the settings > User Management > Invitations > Invite new team member. Fill out their email and role and send it out!

If you’re on the free plan, we will get in touch to discuss how to scale your plan to meet your needs.

If you’re on a paid plan: Even if you go over your agreed limits there will be no surprise invoices. Instead, contracts are reviewed at renewal to assess which tier is right for you moving forward. No hidden costs.

Yes, Kosli works for teams in any industry (finance, health, automotive, etc) and also for compliance to any standard like ISO, SOC2, FedRamp, etc.

Kosli supports Kubernetes, AWS Lambda, S3 buckets, Azure and more. We’re completely agnostic when it comes to your tool choices - Jenkins, Circle CI, Travis, Bitbucket - Kosli integrates with all of them.

Security Concerns

No, you install Kosli CLI to monitor, log, and ship information to Kosli

Kosli is SOC2 Type 1 compliant and working towards achieving SOC2 Type 2 compliance early 2024. If you need any further clarification on the SOC2, please contact us.

Enterprise Support

Yes, Enterprise customers can choose to have their data stored in a specific jurisdiction

Yes, we realize some of our customers have a no-cloud policy, so on-prem is available for Enterprise customers.

Yes, this is available for Pro and Enterprise customers.

Yes, for Enterprise customers we offer a managed single tenant option which can be restricted to your network environment.

Yes, for Enterprise customers we offer a managed single tenant option which can be restricted to your network environment.

Billing & Invoicing

Yes, all plans except the free plan, are custom. Our pricing is based on what you need to record and how long you need to retain that data. We define your needs during our call and we send you a proposal for an annual contract.

Your bill is calculated based on what you need to record and how long you need to retain the data you collect. Your bill will be fixed for the length of the signed contract. We will revisit your bill at the end of the duration of your contract.

Yes, overall the price is reduced as you increase the volume of data you want to record and store.

At the moment we offer annual contracts only.

No, your costs are capped for the duration of the contract we have signed, regardless of your usage. You will not receive any additional costs during that period. Your invoice/contract value will be reviewed again at the end of the period.

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