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Discover how Kosli works

Seamlessly integrate Kosli in your DevOps workflows and start recording and securely storing all your software changes from your CI pipelines, runtime environments and infrastructure. Ensure security, compliance and observability across your teams and projects.
Developer using kosli

Record environment changes

Automatically run a regular job to query each environment, recording real-time data on how they change.

Your environment data is stored in a secure append-only database using a unique content based ID for each running artifact (eg. docker image digest).

Kosli environment reporting

Record pipeline events

Report every CI pipeline event of interest (builds, security scans, test results, approvals, deployments, etc.) to record real-time data on what happens to your software.

Your pipeline data is stored in a secure append-only database using the git commit or artifact SHA as the unique ID for each event.

Kosli pipeline reporting

Query anything!

Kosli can tell you what’s running in any environment now, in the past, and how it has changed

Kosli can tell you the complete history of builds, tests, approvals, and deployments across all your pipelines

All this data is avalible in your browser and from your command line.

Kosli CLI and app diagram

Get continuous compliance with DevOps Change Management

Artifact Provenance

Kosli uses cryptographic fingerprinting to record a tamper-proof identity for every artifact in your controlled build process

View Binary Provenance docs >
Diagram explaining binary provenance

Risk Controls as Code

Kosli logs the evidence from each step in your software development life cycle, building an audit trail of risk controls for each artifact

Risk controls in CI pipeline

Release Approvals

With Kosli you can generate release approvals via version control, CI, or even Slack events. Compliant deploys without the ceremony

View Release Approvals docs >
Diagram comparing human in the loop vs Kosli approvals without the paperwork

Deployment Controls

Automatically ensure only compliant software is deployed by verifying binary provenance, risk controls, and approvals as part of your deployment process

Diagram showing securing production and deployment controls

Deployment Logs

Record every change to every environment in a fully auditable environment log

View Deployment Logs docs >
Kosli deployment logger diagram

Environment Reports

Real-time reporting from operations provides full observability over what’s really running in production. A complete history of change that’s instantly available

Kosli Environment reporter diagram

Bringing Dev and Ops closer together

DevOps Freedom

Kosli frees regulated teams to deliver at the speed of DevOps, with any tools, in any industry, for any standard.

Technical documentation >

Compliance and Speed

Kosli maintains Continuous Compliance at high rates of change by automating change management in your DevOps.

Technical documentation >

4D Observability

Kosli can tell you what’s in production, how it got there, and if it’s compliant – for any point in time.

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Fed up with paperwork and meetings? Press the easy button for Audit and Compliance

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Do more with kosli

Audit Trails icon

Audit Trails

Automatically provide the proof that a critical business process actually took place.

Continuous Monitoring icon

Continuous Monitoring

Identify threats, trace changes. and secure your production environments.

Slack Notifications icon

Slack Notifications

Stay on top of environment changes and compliance events in real time.

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