How Kosli works

Kosli records data from your CI pipelines and runtime environments, allowing you to query life after git from the command line
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Developer using kosli

Record environment changes

Automatically run a regular job to query each environment, recording real-time data on how they change.

Your environment data is stored in a secure append-only database using a unique content based ID for each running artifact (eg. docker image digest).

Kosli environment reporting

Record pipeline events

Report every CI pipeline event of interest (builds, security scans, test results, approvals, deployments, etc.) to record real-time data on what happens to your software.

Your pipeline data is stored in a secure append-only database using the git commit or artifact SHA as the unique ID for each event.

Kosli pipeline reporting

Query anything!

Kosli can tell you what’s running in any environment now, in the past, and how it has changed

Kosli can tell you the complete history of builds, tests, approvals, and deployments across all your pipelines

All this data is avalible in your browser and from your command line.

Kosli CLI and app diagram