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How to Detect Unauthorized Changes in Production with Kosli

Let’s not beat around the bush: change management is a prehistoric discipline desperately in need of fresh thinking. Its “best practices” are frankly terrible. Nobody honestly thinks manually filling …

How to automate Snyk container scanning of your production environments

If you’re using containers to deploy your software, it is important to be aware of potential vulnerabilities within your container images. These may be introduced through dependencies in your built …

How to Track and Enforce Snyk Scans Across Your Production Environments

If you’re delivering software in a regulated environment, or deploying to a critical application or device, ensuring the security of your software code and dependencies is essential. One of the most …

Stay on top of every change with Kosli Notifications

In this short blog, you will learn how to set up Kosli Notifications so your whole team can stay on top of environment changes and compliance events in real time. 🚀 In fast-paced technology …

How to record a business process with Kosli’s Audit Trail

Have you ever needed to provide proof that a critical business process actually took place? It’s a painful process involving all kinds of paperwork, but it’s the reality for many organizations working …

From Monitoring to Action - Get Faster Incident Response with Change Forensics 🕵️‍♀️

In this post you’ll learn how Kosli’s Change Forensics gives DevOps, Platform, and Site Reliability Engineers the ability to rapidly pinpoint and understand changes and events in their infrastructure …

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