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Kosli Unveils the Revolutionary Evidence Vault for Streamlined Internal Controls Testing
August 2, 2023

Kosli Unveils the Revolutionary Evidence Vault for Streamlined Internal Controls Testing

Kosli Unveils the Revolutionary Evidence Vault for Streamlined Internal Controls Testing
ISO 13485, FDA-21CFR820, IEC-62304, FDA-21 CFR11, and ewelina with magnifying glass - Kosli
April 28, 2023

How to Prove your SDLC is in Compliance with Medical Standards

How software engineering teams in digital health, medtech, medical devices, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) can keep up with compliance…
Kosli changelog - with a duck!
April 20, 2023

Kosli Changelog

Learn about new updates from Kosli…
DevOps Summit Amsterdam 2023 - Kosli Sponsor
April 2, 2023

Kosli will be at DevOps Summit Enterprise Amsterdam

Join the team from May 15 - 17 at DevOps Summit Enterprise in Amsterdam…
DevOps Sauna Logo with sound-wave, hexagon pattern
March 28, 2023

DevOps Sauna Podcast External link icon

The mantra in DevOps since the beginning has been: “everything is code”. But how do we keep track of what’s happening in our development pipeline, the builds, the tests, the commits, the security scans? Is there such a thing as a black box for software or DevOps?
FedRAMP logo in a circle with NIST and Continuous Compliance icon
March 28, 2023

Achieve FedRAMP compliance with Continuous Monitoring and NIST 800-137 and NIST 800-37

Common frustrations we hear from CTOs and CISOs is that it’s really hard for them to figure out what they’re supposed to do to achieve software delivery compliance for regulatory standards like [FedRAMP]()…
john willis - talking about his novel investments unlimited
March 27, 2023

DevSecOps: The Broken or Blurred Lines of Defense External link icon

With the modern patterns and practices of DevOps and DevSecOps, it’s not clear who the front-line owners are anymore. Today, most organizations’ internal audit processes have lots of toils and low efficacy.
GIT in a colourful background image
March 27, 2023

Using Git for a compliance audit trail External link icon

Kosli is a DevOps change management platform for storing a record of compliance controls. It helps financial institutions, medical device manufacturers, automotive and other mission-critical development teams to prove conformance to their software process.
Bill Bensing illustration with SBOM word
January 30, 2023

All about SBOMs

Kosli’s Field CTO, Bill Bensing, shares about SBOMs…

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