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Enhance your developer experience with the missing data layer for your platform

Kosli automatically records, connects, and monitors all changes across your distributed delivery pipelines and runtime environments, providing a comprehensive, real-time DevOps database. Remove the compliance and audit burden from your developers AND give yourself the power to quickly pinpoint changes during incidents and outages.
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Kosli diagram showing the steps of realtime observability, attestations, forensic history
Kosli diagram showing the steps of realtime observability, attestations, forensic history
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Visibility from code to production

Platform users struggle to get the picture of what’s changing in real time. Kosli provides a centralized view that connects deployments and environment changes to repository diffs, pipelines and build information.
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Faster incident response

Alerts are firing and your dashboards are red. Is it a code change in the deployment or a manual environment change? With Kosli you can pinpoint deployments, Infrastructure as Code, and manual drift in seconds.
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Integrations and Powerful Search

With all the facts recorded in Kosli you can build your own automations based on what’s changing. Provide every stakeholder with the data that’s important for them via CLI tools, dashboards, and Slack notifications.

Integrates with your tools, your workflows, your industry

Kosli integrates with the tools you already use and doesn’t force you into adopting any new workflows. It gives teams in regulated sectors like finance and healthcare the power to deliver software with security, compliance, and speed.
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Tracking change across modern reference architecture is complicated

Kosli records the facts to make governance jobs easy

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How does Kosli “record” everything? What kind of permissions does that require?

Answer icon Kosli works like a log system. You don’t have to worry about the data we’re collecting because we only receive what you decide to send us. Our customers record everything they need for audit, security and compliance by sending the cryptographic fingerprints for running artifacts alongside the metadata for builds, tests, pull requests, etc. Kosli doesn’t access or record your sensitive data or secrets. We’re also SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, so you can be sure we take security and availability seriously.

A Live Service Catalog Across Your Software Value Streams

Share DevOps changes in real-time

Tracking the source of changes can be frustrating, especially in fast-moving distributed architectures. Kosli gives you a live map of what’s running and where it came from, regardless of your tools or process.
  • See what's running in any environment No more digging through cloud consoles and pipeline logs. Kosli gives you a live view of what's in production, which repo and commit it came from, and how, where, and when it was deployed.
  • Developer-centric DevOps changes Tracing runtime changes to code commits can be a nightmare. With Kosli you can compare production and staging at any point in time, and see the git diff for any deployment.
  • Powerful CLI, API and Slack Integrations Kosli provides rich query and search features from the CLI, API, and Slack.

A time machine for your runtime environments

Follow your changes through the CI pipeline to deployment and beyond. Track the full history of every build, test, security scan and deployment. See if your commit is running in prod. Know when you’re done done.
  • Find what changed when an outage occurs Kosli helps you to recover from incidents faster by giving you immediate answers when the alerts start firing.
  • Investigate security incidents with environment forensics When environments change it can be impossible to go back in time to investigate security incidents. Kosli keeps the receipts when things change.
  • Detect manual changes and deployments Kosli tracks what's really running in production so you can know when manual deployments or changes happen to an environment.

Enforce security standards and guardrails across the software supply chain

Compare the changes to your environment between the current and last known running version. Diff environments as easily as git commits and see how they’ve really changed.
  • Cryptographic chain of custody Avoid manual errors and insider threats. Kosli tracks changes using cryptographic fingerprints so you can ensure what you qualify is what you deploy
  • Centralized security attestations Auditing security controls across diverse pipelines, tools and environments is time consuming and error prone. Give your security team a centralized view on security controls and catch problems before they bite you.
  • Automate controls in your pipelines Put security controls such as code review, SAST, DAST, and approvals in your CI, with automated evidence collection and attestation.
  • Alerts for unexpected deployments Get notified when undocumented workloads start running and see if they’re a threat to your systems.

Ace SDLC audits without wasting engineering time

Give developers the power to deploy their own changes without tickets or meetings. Capture your whole software delivery process as data and automate provable change records.
  • Centralize compliance system of record Avoid audit surprises by always having up to date receipts. React to policy deviations in real-time, not at audit time.
  • Always be audit ready Don’t waste time hunting in tools, systems, and documentation. Get a full map of what’s changed and compare it with the evidence you have for process compliance.
  • Export Evidence for auditors with Audit Packages and CSV export Give auditors proof of code review, SAST, DAST, and approvals for any change

Fed up with paperwork and meetings? Press the easy button for Audit and Compliance

Fed up with paperwork and meetings? Press the easy button for Audit and Compliance image

Do more with Kosli

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Continuous Monitoring

If your industry demands risk controls, documentation, and approvals, you can automate them with every change instead of doing it manually at the end – Deploy software safely, securely, and continuously.

Audit & Compliance icon

Audit & Compliance

Ace your next software audit and comply with industry standards without wasting time and effort on paperwork. Kosli records every change in your software delivery process to give you automated proof of your process.

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Security and Defense

Do you have confidence in your cybersecurity status, or are your controls based on inaccurate and over-optimistic information? With Kosli you can track every change made to your production environments and get instant notifications for unauthorized workloads.

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