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Unlock your DevOps workflows with event-driven automation across your toolchain

Runtime changes can be silent, hard to stay on top of, and sometimes dangerous. Boost DevOps Visibility and Control with Kosli Actions. Trigger your own powerful automations from your DevOps value stream so you're always in the loop

Automate incident creation for unauthorized changes

Automate incident creation for unauthorized changes

Trigger real-time security incidents in response to unauthorized changes using Kosli's automated detection and alerting capabilities, enhancing your security posture efficiently​
Seamless deployment tracking and real-time updates via Slack or email

Seamless deployment tracking and real-time updates via Slack or email

Monitor deployments and infrastructure modifications directly in Slack, or by email ensuring all teams can track and update systems Jira tickets, pagerduty incidents and more
Enable robust Continuous Delivery and comply in high-security environments

Enable robust Continuous Delivery and comply in high-security environments

Kosli Actions support strict security and regulatory compliance, allowing continuous delivery without compromising on safety, making it ideal for highly regulated industries​

Enable scalable automated compliance for the strictest security and regulatory environments

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What is Kosli Actions?

Navigating change across teams and systems can mean a lot of wasted time digging through pipeline logs and operations dashboards. What if there was a better way?
Kosli Actions allow you to create custom notifications and automations to better understanding how systems are changing and take automated action.

Kosli actions allows you to connect with slack and webhooks so you can receive custom alerts and converse on the problem at hand. Ideal for the whole team: Developers, DevOps, Platform, SRE, Security Personel and Managers can all get exactly what they want with live feeds for the information you care most about in your role.

Automate DevOps event within your organization - Update a jira ticket when a deployment occurs,  Start a pagerduty incident when an unauthorized workload runs in production or even get a feed of all scaling events in your monitoring graphs.  That’s where Kosli Actions can help!

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Enabling Event Driven DevOps Architectures

Empower DevOps Teams with real time data driven updates

Kosli Notifications serve as a crucial tool to keep teams aligned with real-time updates on environment changes and compliance events. This feature allows all stakeholders—including developers, security personnel, and management—to stay informed about what’s happening in the software delivery process. By centralizing notifications, teams can significantly reduce the time spent navigating through logs and dashboards, thereby streamlining incident responses and enhancing overall communication within the company.

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Kosli actions feed to devops team

Automate DevOps tasks for Efficient Workflow Management

Kosli Actions facilitate the automation of DevOps tasks by using data recorded within the Kosli system. Users can set up automations such as updating Jira tickets upon deployments or initiating security protocols with unauthorized workloads. This not only maximizes operational efficiency but also ensures compliance and security without manual oversight. Through automation, Kosli enables organizations to adapt quickly and maintain high standards in fast-paced development environments​

View Kosli Actions documentation​

Kosli updates all your tickets and slack feeds with uptodate relevant information

Proactive Compliance and Enhanced Security

Kosli Actions empower users to react to specific events within their DevOps environment, like new deployments or compliance changes, by triggering predefined responses. This might include sending notifications through webhooks to platforms like Slack, or automating security checks and updates. Kosli’s system of record for all DevOps events not only aids in automating compliance but also plays a crucial role in managing and mitigating risks effectively. Actions can be customized according to user needs and feedback, which optimizes the DevOps workflow and ensures rapid adaptation to new requirements​.

How to automate Change Management

Kosli - complete SDLC observability

See how Kosli Actions can improve Developer Experience in your team

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Overcome DevOps challenges and unlock developer efficiency with Kosli Actions

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Event Capture

Kosli Actions starts by capturing all relevant data from your DevOps pipeline, such as code commits, build statuses, and deployment events

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Defined Triggers

Users set conditions within Kosli that initiate actions, like a deployment to production or a failed security scan.

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Automatic Actions

When triggers are activated, Kosli Actions automatically executes predefined tasks such as sending alerts or updating tickets.

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Instant Alerts

Kosli instantly alerts teams via channels like Slack or email when specific events occur, ensuring immediate awareness and quick response to critical changes

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Feedback Loop

Kosli not only automates tasks but also provides valuable feedback, enabling teams to refine processes and enhance efficiency continuously.

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Enhancing Developer Experience and Efficiency

Kosli Actions significantly improve the Developer Experience (DevEx) by allowing developers to automate responses to specific operational events directly within their workflows. This feature reduces the need for manual intervention, enabling developers to focus more on coding and less on administrative tasks. With Actions, teams can set up customized notifications, automate security protocols, and track deployments, all through an easy-to-use interface in the kosli-app that integrates smoothly with existing tooling.

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Automatically provide the proof that a software delivery or critical business process actually took place.

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Continuous Monitoring

Identify threats, trace changes. and secure your production environments.

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Continuous Compliance

Deploy changes to regulated environments without any extra paperwork or delays

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