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Audit and Compliance

Ace your next software audit and comply with industry standards without wasting time and effort on paperwork. Kosli records every change in your software delivery process to give you automated proof you can export with a single click.
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Compliance and evidence package of artifacts
Compliance and evidence package of artifacts
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Automate the evidence gathering process

Don’t depend on slow and error prone copy/paste processes for capturing audit data. Get automated proof of compliance with your processes and regulatory standards.
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Release compliant software without risks or delays

Don’t delay your releases with manual change management processes you can’t trust. Deploy changes to production safe in the knowledge that they are in compliance.
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Produce full audits with a simple export to CSV

Don’t waste time hunting for data on tasks that were executed months ago. Get a full audit trail of all the proof you need in a format that every stakeholder can understand.

Software delivery compliance and audit for any standard

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Get a provable record of your software delivery process

Automated evidence of your software delivery

Get cryptographic proof that your software delivery process complies with the standards and policies of your choice. Integrates with your existing tools, so you don’t have to change anything about your workflows.
  • Tamper-evident data Send and store proof from your pipelines when tests, security scans, pull requests, etc. are executed on a commit or artifact.
  • Secure every build Track vulnerabilities, advisories, and dependencies. Get instant notifications in Slack when there’s any deviation from your policy.
  • Freedom of choice Works with your existing tools. Automate evidence that your process is being followed without forcing new tools or workflows on your teams.

Deploy changes with continuous compliance

Replace slow and risky manual approvals with continuous compliance automation you can trust. Get real time compliance status for your changes so your teams can deploy safely to production without tickets and meetings.
  • Reduce lead times Increase deployment frequency with releases that are faster, safer and more secure.
  • Real time compliance Know the real time compliance status for every change. See if there’s missing evidence in any upcoming release e.g. a unit test.
  • Build in trust Compliance automation that guarantees the evidence in front of you is complete, free from human error, and trustworthy.

Remove toil and stress with audit readiness

Get through your audit without having to untangle information spread across tools. Export the full history of events in your delivery process to a format where the auditor can quickly navigate to the data they need.
  • Export to CSV Don’t waste time piecing together an audit trail. Simply export the proof that was gathered in your pipelines and environments with a click.
  • Full visibility No more endless searches for missing data or evidence types. Quickly drill down into e.g. test results, deploys, or security scans.
  • Zero-day-audits Complete data that’s easy to navigate means you can pass an audit in less than a day instead of spending weeks/months chasing information.

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ITIL vs DevOps icon

ITIL vs DevOps

Ace your next software audit with DevOps change management. Kosli records every change in your CI pipelines and runtime environments so you can generate an audit trail with a single click.

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Continuous compliance

If your industry demands risk controls, documentation, and approvals, you can automate them with every change instead of doing it manually.

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Developer feedback

Pinpoint any change in your software from commit to production. Quickly get to the source of breaches, incidents and outages from the command line.

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