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Continuous Compliance Content Hub

The Continuous Compliance content hub is a set of guides for DevOps teams who need to move fast while remaining in compliance for audit and security purposes. We know that the old change management …

Help, we’re doing ISO27001! Why, what, and how?

At Stacc, Espen Thomassen Sæverud (CTO) & Øyvind Fanebust (Partner) have extensive experience in banking and finance with particular expertise in the area of Continuous Compliance. In this talk …

How to deliver software with Continuous Compliance: A DevOps culture

Imagine your developers are the world’s fastest relay team 🏃 When it comes to build, test, and qualify they get round the running track faster than anyone else. Unfortunately for them the finishing …

What does it mean to deliver software with Continuous Compliance?

In this short video, Mike Long, our Co-founder and CEO, explains how teams delivering software in regulated industries can achieve CI/CD using CC = Continuous Compliance. If you deliver software in a …

Introducing Continuous Compliance with Kosli

In this article we introduce new technology that allows you to automate the change and release compliance in a Secure Software Development Lifecycle. It’s called Kosli, the DevOps Change Management …

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