Get started with Kosli and discover the missing piece in your monitoring stack

There’s no need to change your existing CI structure. Simply run Kosli commands in your pipelines and environments to start building your change history.

Record the state of your runtime environments

Docs: How to record an environment
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Kosli records the status of runtime environments by detecting artifacts running in any given environment and reporting the information.

If the list of running artifacts is different than what was reported previously, a new snapshot is created which is immutable and tamper proof.


Go beyond GitOps and record how systems actually change without the pain of repos, glue scripts, and enforced deployment strategies.

Kosli supports tracking K8S, ECS, Lambda, S3, and servers, with more to come.

Connect the data from your pipelines

Docs: How to connect a pipeline
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Report artifact creation and connect your development world of commits, builds, tests, approvals and deployments with what’s happening in operations.

Kosli records the sha of each build artifact, its source commit, history, and any other CI build information.


Get a live map of development and operations so you can collaborate more effectively. Have the freedom to use the CI tools and runtimes of your choice

Attest the pipeline events that are important for you - pull requests, code coverage, deployments, security steps, etc.

Search the whole picture in Kosli

Docs: How to search with the Kosli CLI


A set of get, ls, log and inspect commands allows you to quickly access the information about your environments, artifacts and deployments, without leaving your development environment.

Search and browse with the same CLI you use to record and connect your changes, or use Kosli’s web application.


Pinpoint any change from commit through to production immediately.

Remove the guesswork and frustration around incident response, security and audit compliance.

See where your changes are, know when they’ve been deployed, identify the source of broken environments right away.