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Ewelina Wilkosz profile picture

Ewelina Wilkosz

Senior DevOps Engineer

Tell us a bit about Ewelina Wilkosz
I started as a web developer in 2007 and switched to software development for about 6 years. Somewhere along the way I discovered that automating things and making developers’ lives easier gave me a real sense of fulfilment. I then spent almost 5 years as a CI/CD consultant for embedded software companies where the whole process relied heavily on hardware, which was an additional challenge!

What made you decide to come and work for Kosli?
After spending a few years as a consultant I wanted to make a change and take on a new role. One thing I knew was that I still wanted to work with customers to some extent. Kosli’s job posting quickly convinced me because it ticked all the boxes for me ✔️

Anything unusual or amusing to share?
I’m a Jenkins Governance Board member mainly because exploring and contributing to the world of open source software makes me happy! To have even a small influence in shaping a product that is used by so many people, with such a great community around it, is a challenging and rewarding experience for me.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Although I like living in Malmö, and I enjoy what the city has to offer, I feel happiest when I’m in a forest, exploring nature. If there aren’t any natural surroundings nearby a good book will do.