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Katerina Konstantinou

Digital Marketing Lead

Tell us a little bit about Katerina Konstantinou
I was born and raised in Greece, but I’ve always wanted to live abroad. Cultural differences, local cuisines and unique architecture styles excite me a lot when I’m traveling. My marketing journey started as a way for me to use my Economics degree and I’ve ended up in a field that I’m really enthusiastic about. I’m curious to unlock all the potential that Kosli and the wider DevOps world seems to offer.

Why did you apply to Kosli?
The brand, the product, and the people!

As an advocate of great branding, my first impression of Kosli was “wow”. I find that marketing a well-branded product is a much more enjoyable and effective experience! Branding ✅

Also, as I was reading about Kosli, I realized that it’s something completely different from anything that I have previously worked on. The novelty of the product and the market intrigued me and made me want to explore this new environment. Product excitement ✅

Speaking with the co-founders can be intimidating, but during the first chat I had with Mike (CEO) and James (CCO) they encouraged a casual and interesting conversation. Then I spoke with Bruce and Jonathan and realized how much they value culture and attitude. It was very different from all the other interviews and chats I’ve had before. I was really glad that I met them and even happier to now be working with them. People/culture ✅

What were you doing before Kosli?
After I finished my Economics degree my focus shifted to marketing. The combination of psychology and creativity drew me to pursue a masters degree in Marketing Management. And my desire to work remotely led me to focus specifically on Digital Marketing. Since university I have worked on and sometimes led various marketing projects in startups and SMEs. I’m used to working with limited resources, so thinking creatively and working efficiently are challenges I’m familiar with and enjoy.

What do you do in your spare time?
As I’m currently living abroad, away from my family, I spend a lot of time at home either reading or experimenting in the kitchen. It relaxes me a lot. But, living abroad also means I have a whole new country to explore. Norway offers a lot of natural beauty and the Norwegian cabins in the woods 🌲 are a great weekend getaway!

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