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Leif Sørensen

Chief Operating Officer

Tell us a bit about Leif Sørensen
I come from a technical background and have worked in software for more than 30 years. I’ve had all kinds of roles from programmer and architect to project manager and CEO. In my younger days I “programmed” my way across New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland but ended up settling in Southern Sweden.

Why did you decide to join Kosli?
Joining Kosli is a very natural step for me. I’ve co-founded a couple of things in my career and nothing compares to the excitement you experience in a startup. Add in the fact that Kosli was started by some of my old friends and colleagues and how can I say no? I have never been involved in starting a product company though, so there’s also something new for me to explore.

Great! We’re really looking forward to having your experience on the team
I hope I can bring something extra. I’ve been involved in founding and scaling two software development consulting companies - Object Oriented in Switzerland and Praqma in Scandinavia. Mike and I did some nice work together at Praqma, so I think we can do more good things in Kosli.

How do you relax when you’re not working?
The desire to travel has never left me, so I’m always looking to visit new places and these days my family can come with me. But, if we can’t get away on vacation then mountain biking and skiing are pretty good. I guess I just like being outside.

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