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Sami Alajrami profile picture

Sami Alajrami

DevOps Consultant

Tell us a bit about Sami Alajrami
Hi, I’m Sami, a software engineer interested in DevOps. Through my academic and professional experience I’ve come across all sorts of challenges in software engineering and finding solutions to them is what keeps me engaged. I grew up in Palestine and my studies and work have given me the opportunity to experience life overseas.

What made you decide to come and work for Kosli?
Kosli solves an interesting compliance problem that currently slows down software delivery in regulated industries and causes frustration for engineers. Coming from the DevOps world, the solution Kosli provides made total sense to me and joining early meant that I could contribute to the creation of the product from the beginning. I also wanted to experience the startup journey alongside talented colleagues from various backgrounds and with different skill sets.

What were you doing before Kosli?
Before joining Kosli, I was a DevOps consultant helping clients in different industries bring their software delivery processes up to DevOps speed. Prior to that, I was an academic researcher, investigating software development processes in the cloud ☁️

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I do enjoy my spare time as much as I enjoy software engineering! Playing football ⚽ and catching up with new technologies is how I spend most of my free time nowadays.