kosli changelog december 2022

Kosli Changelog - December 2022

Published December 19, 2022 in technology

End of the year is just around the corner and many of us will leave for a holiday break soon. So this time you hear from us long before the month is over. Nothing to worry about! So much is happening we have more than enough to share.

Export environment report

Inspired by a request from one of our users we’ve decided to spend some time on the “environment filtering report” feature. It’s a great help in the case of an audit. Have a look at the “Log” tab in any of your Kosli environments and try it out! You can use the filter to only display events you’re interested in, and export these events as a .csv file.

It is now possible to rename environments

Another feature many of the users asked about (including myself): renaming the environments, is now available. You can use our CLI to change any environment name:


And if you worry about the chicken and egg problem, i.e. when to update environment reporting commands - before or after renaming the environment - to minimize the amount of failed reports, we’ve got you covered! The environment will remain available under its old name until that name is taken by another environment.

Docker environment reporting

Speaking about environments. We have added support for a docker environment type. Simply run the reporting command on your docker host to keep the track of running containers.

Approval user-data now visible in json output

Many of Kosli commands allow you to add additional data, on top of the information required by default: –user-data flag can be used to pass the information in JSON format. Reporting an approval is one of the examples, where additional information may be needed.

How to read that information you wonder? Use –output json when you run kosli approval get command to see what user-data was reported with the approval.


Published December 19, 2022, in technology

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