You could say that we love going to events. And you would be right! 😉 What better way to meet all of you, talk software development, and give you a sneak peak of what we’re working on.

Next Stop: DevOpsDays Amsterdam 🇳🇱

Katerina Konstantinou
Katerina Konstantinou
Published May 25, 2022 in events

You could say that we love going to events. And you would be right! 😉 What better way to meet all of you, talk software development, and give you a sneak peak of what we’re working on.

And, in case it is not clear yet, we are excited to let you know we will be attending DevOpsDays in Amsterdam on June 22nd -24th. Three exciting days of all things DevOps! 🙌

So many amazing keynotes

We’ve gathered together some of the talks we are most looking forward to attending below. This year’s program is absolutely packed with great speakers, but one or two themes really popped out at us.

We’re especially looking forward to hearing about how to leverage DORA metrics. And there’s some fascinating-looking talks on the state of DevOps, software vulnerabilities, security, DevOps culture, and observability. What are you looking forward to?

There are loads more talks and workshops happening so have a look at the full program and don’t miss your faves 🤩

Let’s catch up in person!

As you can see there will be a lot going on in just three days! But you’ll catch us wandering around the venue, attending the talks, or most likely at the BBQ in our Kosli t-shirts 🙈

One thing’s for sure - finding us at our booth will be een fluitje van een cent! 😎 Come say hi, share a smile and a selfie, and talk some DevOps. We are always delighted to meet new friends and hear their stories.

Whether a DevOpsDays rookie or veteran, here what to expect

For the 10th year (yes!), DevOpsDays Amsterdam gathers hundreds of software enthusiasts under one roof (this year around 400 attendees 🤯) and “brings development, operations, QA, InfoSec, management, and leadership together to discuss the culture and tools to make better organizations and products”.

As with every DevOpsDays event, each day will start with a single track of 30 minute talks, followed by Ignite talks. The rest of the day is spent in the Open Space areas, which are considered a key portion of the event 👀 - so watch out!

Covid-19 Policy

For the safety of all we need to follow the governmental regulations and according to the organizers, “All attendees, sponsors, and everyone on site are encouraged to have up to date COVID Vaccines. We will be adhering to any local mandates in effect during the event. We ask that anyone sick with COVID or with recent exposure to COVID-positive individuals not attend in person. This can be coordinated through our organizers and will include a full refund.”


Tickets for both the event and the workshops are still available, but limited. Get your tickets today and secure your spot 🎟️

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Published May 25, 2022 in events

About the author

Katerina Konstantinou

Katerina Konstantinou


Published May 25, 2022, in events

Katerina Konstantinou
Katerina Konstantinou
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