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JavaZone 2023 Oslo

With diversity and inclusion in mind, this year’s JavaZone theme is Circus 🎪

Date: September 5 - 7
Time: 08:00 - 17:00
Location: Spektrum Arena, Oslo

A software developer's guide to licenses and other legalities

In the fast-paced world of software development, it is critical for developers to have a clear understanding of the legal landscape surrounding the software that they develop. In this presentation Rafael Winterhalter will look into the different branches of software licenses and open source. 

In this context, he will discuss common terms of commercial agreements and what pitfalls to avoid. Finally, this presentation will look into the OpenJDK project and its formal organization. Attendees will gain a solid understanding of the legal and technical considerations of choosing licensed software, enabling them to make informed decisions about their projects.

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This year’s topics vary from breaking stuff, to Data revolution and Infrastructure as code.

Oleg Šelajev & Olga Maciaszek-Sharma profile images for javazone oslo 2023

Oleg Šelajev & Olga Maciaszek-Sharma

Stop breaking stuff all the time!

Verifying behaviors of the cloud-native applications and ensuring that all of the services in the system work correctly together is both crucial and challenging. Manually maintaining environments to test the correctness of the entire system is undevops-like and fragile.

Luckily, modern tools can help you to build automated, reliable test pipelines, and in this session, Olga and Oleg explore how using Spring Cloud Contract and Testcontainers together can improve your testing and deployment processes.

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Alexandra Diem

DevOps revolutionised software development. It's time to revolutionise data.

The use of data analysis within a modern technology stack is at the core of a successful insurance business. Gjensidige, Norway’s largest insurance company, has recently begun it’s journey of moving all data operations from an on-prem data warehouse solution into the cloud. 

To succeed in this journey, we utilise the power of software best practices and DevOps culture: Product thinking, end-to-end responsibility, cross-team collaboration, and early problem solving. In this talk Alexandra will show how developers are a crucial resource to our success in publishing and maintaining high quality data products into our data platform by both growing and rooting DevOps culture and software best practices within our analyst teams.

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Łukasz Biały

Infrastructure as code done right with JVM

Infrastructure-as-code is a constantly growing field where the need for reliability necessitated by operations meets with application developer knowledge and experience. JVM platform is well known for it’s robustness and JVM languages are known for being awesome choices to build reliable software. In this talk, Łukasz will introduce and compare 3 language SDKs - Java, Kotlin and Scala for Pulumi - a terraform alternative that allows you to use a full programming language to declare infrastructure. He will present what benefits they bring to the table and how you can leverage your knowledge to build scalable and maintainable platform for your team.

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With more than 100 presentations and workshops, let’s have a look at the lightning talks

Day & time coming soon Is psychological safety just a lie? - Malaz Alkoj
Day & time coming soon AdventOfCode for the Brave and True! - Artur Zabeyvorota
Day & time coming soon Mapping what data the norwegian government has yet to share - Livar Bergheim
Day & time coming soon GoLang Generics: Simplifying Programming Concepts So Well, Even Your Grandma Will Want to Code! - Meimona Hakim
Day & time coming soon Mixed Reality check - Scott Leaman
Day & time coming soon Mastering the Skies: Navigating Cloud Native Architecture with Design Principles and Patterns - Soumitra Bhattacharya
Day & time coming soon Music can be functions too: an introduction to live-coding in Haskell - Ulrik Antoniussen Halmøy
Day & time coming soon Quantumania - an unexpected journey - Andreas Ahlgren
Day & time coming soon **Why micro frontends are the s#@**t - George Harakis
Day & time coming soon How We Settle Millions Of Payment Transactions At Norwegian Air - Dapeng Han
Day & time coming soon Using dynamic DNS for service discovery - Rickard Öberg
Day & time coming soon Onboard a developer to your project in 5 minutes flat by using Gitpod. - Fredrik Hoem Grelland

How to get to the Oslo Spektrum

Oslo Spektrum is only a stone’s throw from Oslo Central Station, the Bus Terminal and Jernbanetorget, which is a hub for trains, subways, trams and buses.

At these three destinations you will find arrivals from, and departures to, regional and local destinations. Oslo Central Station is also a station for Flytoget and Vy’s local train to Oslo Airport OSL.

From the the Bus Terminal and Jernbanetorget, Oslo Spektrum is 9 and 7 minute respectively. So grab yourself a coffee and make your way to the venue location.

Image guide Map marker

What’s good nearby: The Kosli Guide

Stay Cozy


🚶 0.3 miles from Oslo Spektrum

⭐ Rating 5 on Tripadvisor

Amerikalinjen’s venerable headquarters have been reborn as a vibrant boutique hotel, designed for the modern explorer. Outside the door lies the pulsating city of Oslo

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Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret

🚶 0.2 miles from Oslo Spektrum

⭐ Rating 4.5 on Tripadvisor

The Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret is a design hotel in central Oslo, just 3 minutes’ walk from Oslo Central Station and Karl Johans Gate.

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Thon Hotel Terminus

🚶 0.1 miles from Oslo Spektrum

⭐ Rating 4.0 on Tripadvisor

Newly renovated Thon Hotel Terminus occupies a central location close to Oslo City shopping center and Oslo Central Station. Oslo’s main street Karl Johan and other attractions are also within short distance of the hotel.

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Image guide

Stay Fed

The Top Restaurant & Bar

🚶 0.2 miles from Oslo Spektrum

⭐ Rating 5 on Tripadvisor

With fantastic views over the city, new international design and an open kitchen, the conditions are set for an unforgettable restaurant experience at The Top.

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Basso Social

🚶 0.3 miles from Oslo Spektrum

⭐ 4.5 on Tripadvisor

At Basso, we take our guests through a longer taste journey with a social dining experience consisting of 10 and 13 servings. Here, as a guest, you get the opportunity to have several different taste experiences during a joint dinner.

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Restaurant Einer

🚶 0.9 miles miles from Oslo Spektrum

⭐ 4.5 on Tripadvisor

Restaurant Einer is located in a historical building from the 1600s in the Kvadraturen district. Here, seasonal ingredients are transformed into innovative dishes using old food preparation techniques like smoking, fermenting, curing and pickling.

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🚶 0.1 miles from Oslo Spektrum

⭐ 4.5 on Tripadvisor

Brewgata is a craft beer bar and live stage in Oslo. We have 16 craft beer taps and a huge beer bottle selection but also a simple but fun cocktail menu!

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Teddys Softbar

🚶 0.1 miles from Oslo Spektrum

⭐ 4 on Tripadvisor

Teddy’s Softbar opened in 1958 and hasn’t changed much since then. Jukebox, light food service and outdoor seating.

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Chicago Pizza & Brew

🚶 0.1 miles from Oslo Spektrum

⭐ 5 on Tripadvisor

With excellent service and a central location, just five minutes from Jernbanetorget, Chicago Pizza & Brew is the ideal spot to spend the evening.

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