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Articles by Ana Gotter

Maintaining Security with DevOps Compliance

DevOps teams play an increasingly important role in all types of software companies. From legacy organizations to cloud-native startups, the DORA metrics tell us that the performance of the DevOps …

The 5 Best Vanta Alternatives for Security Compliance

Over the last two to three years, we’ve seen increasing demands on all kinds of software companies to comply with security and compliance standards. More and more organizations are looking to benefit …

ISO 27001 Compliance: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s talk about what ISO 27001 compliance means for the tech team. If you’re a CTO, DevOps team lead, or cyber security specialist, you’ll have a lot of plates spinning at any given point in time. …

Demystifying FEDRAMP and NIST for Continuous Compliance

Today, federal agencies rely extensively on Cloud-based SaaS applications for everything from payment processing and document management, to data security and employee workflow automation. These tools …

What Is Continuous Security Monitoring Software?

Many DevOps teams work proactively to meet security and compliance standards. They consider security best practices when developing software with open source components, scanning code for …

Staying Ahead of Threats with Continuous Security Monitoring Tools for DevOps

According to the latest Crowdstrike report, in 2022 cloud-based exploitation increased by 95%, and there was an average eCrime breakout time of 84 minutes. Just as significantly, in 2021, the Biden …

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