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Merkely is now Kosli!

Mike Long
Mike Long
Published June 16, 2022 in news, press_releases

Merkely is now Kosli!

Hello! We would like to announce that we have renamed and rebranded as Kosli. A lot has happened over the last six months and it’s time for a new sign above the door and a fresh lick of paint.

When we created Merkely we were looking to automate change management compliance for regulated DevOps teams. The platform we built works like a flight data recorder that allows anyone to track, prove, and query exactly how their systems are changing.

But it turned out to be useful in all kinds of ways we didn’t expect. Having a record of how everything changes is powerful, especially when you can query it in real time from the command line.

Developers keep telling us that what they really want is simplicity. They want sharper tools to better understand the full lifecycle of their software.

And this is where Kosli fits in. Want to see the last 10 deploys to prod? Just type a command. Need to diff staging and prod? Just type a command. What did prod look like last Tuesday? Just type a command!

Is this a time machine for your DevOps? X-Ray specs for your pipelines? A Tesseract for your environments? Sign up for the release and add your own pop culture reference.

Meanwhile, join us in Kosli Slack to find out more.

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Published June 16, 2022 in news, press_releases

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Mike Long

Mike Long


Published June 16, 2022, in news, press_releases

Mike Long
Mike Long
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