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DevOps and the future of Change Management

Jonathan Coull
Jonathan Coull
Published May 26, 2021 in features

Here’s your chance to catch up on the talk @meekrosoft gave at BCS EDN where he discussed the change management challenges associated with practising DevOps in regulated industries. In sectors like fintech ITIL gets in the way of your DevOps, gumming up the works with ticketing systems and change meetings. But what if you could release compliant software every day without all of that extra lead time?

DevOps has transformed the way you deliver software and deploying multiple times per day, even on a Friday, is now normal practice. However, for regulated teams, traditional change management processes still put a handbrake on releases.

We’re already familiar with continuous integration and continuous delivery, so why not continuous compliance? Mike believes this is the next step for delivering software in regulated industries. Welcome to DevOps Change Management.

Want to know more about BCS EDN and what they do? Check them out and tell them we said hello 👋

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Published May 26, 2021 in features

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Jonathan Coull

Jonathan Coull


Published May 26, 2021, in features

Jonathan Coull
Jonathan Coull
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