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Senior Frontend Developer | Kosli

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Join Kosli!

We are a fast-growing, VC funded DevOps startup looking for an ambitious Senior Frontend Engineer to join our team. If you’re passionate about DevOps, Product Development, User Experience and DevEx and would like to spend all day working on this - read on!

The Role

We are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer. The main focus of this role will be to work in our tech team to help build our amazing developer experiences in our web application.

We practice team programming, test driven development (currently at 84% coverage), minimize work in progress, and collaborate closely with our customers (and with each other). We use Python/Flask for the web. We also practice DevOps (of course!), use Go for the client, and Gohugo for static.

Don’t worry if you don’t have deep knowledge of our tech stack, we put more emphasis on your experience and attitude to learning and collaboration.

What you will do

  • Work in pair or groups to write code collaboratively
  • Work with our customers to understand their needs
  • Attend and speak at conferences/meetups
  • Collaborate closely with the development team
  • Help create content like blog posts, documentation, videos, and tutorials (don’t worry, you’ll get help with this from the marketing team 😉)
  • Participate in our Change Against The Machine community building project

What you’ll need

  • You’ll love working collaboratively in teams to produce software
  • You’ll have a lot of experience building browser based applications
  • You’ll be comfortable doing test driven development
  • You love writing documentation as much as code ✍️
  • Enjoy working in English
  • Enjoy working with customers 👍
  • Cool with traveling to company events 3 or 4 times a year ✈️
  • Cool with traveling to conferences and events to represent the company now and again
  • Self-driven and ambitious 💯
  • Curious and growth-oriented about knowledge and self-learning
  • You’ll also need experience of DevOps tooling and culture 🤓

What’s in it for you

  • Competitive salary
  • Shares in a fast growing company
  • Friendly colleagues (honest!)
  • Flexibility around location, working hours and holidays

About Us

We’re a remote first company and we’re cool with people working from home. Most of us are in Norway, but we have presence in Sweden and the UK. For the right person we could expand our horizons. Come into Kosli HQ at Startup Lab in Oslo, work at home, or do a bit of both. It’s up to you!

We’re building some really exciting technology and we have a great story to go with it. We raised a seed round of investment last year and our investors include the leading developer tools VC firm in Silicon Valley. We are a team of experienced and dedicated people with a shared vision and a plan to make it real 🚀

Our Culture

We see culture as the most important thing in our organization. We believe that the surest way for us to succeed is to create an environment where everyone is free to do their best work 👏

We are really passionate about DevOps and it influences everything we do. That means working in pairs and groups on all activities, from ensemble programming in the codebase to content creation in the marketing team.

We also care a great deal about diversity and inclusion. Whoever you are, whatever your background, know that you will receive a warm welcome here. If you can see yourself in this role we want you to apply 🙏

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