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kosli changelog january 2023

Kosli Changelog - January 2023

Ewelina Wilkosz
Published February 2, 2023 in technology
clock icon 2 min read

With the beginning of the year days are getting longer and the Kosli team is full of energy! So new features and fixes are flying in. There is a lot of work done with backend focus, so the app stays safe and stable, but there are also things that you may notice right away.

Better error handling

Have you ever been confused by error messages Kosli cli sends your way? I know I was. So my colleagues and I spend some time on making sure these are as clear and helpful as it gets.

Snyk and JUnit evidence types

Two new evidence commands were released:

For JUnit you need to provide a path to a folder containing your test result in json file, following JUnit test report format. For snyk you need to provide a path to snyk scan results file, also in json format. Just tell us where the files are and Kosli will take care of the rest - figure out the compliance status and report it.

AWS authentication improvements in environment reporting

For reporting your AWS hosted environments: lambda, s3 or ecs we have standardized and improved handling of authentication.

From now on, to authenticate to AWS, you can either: 

  1. provide the AWS static credentials via flags or by exporting the equivalent KOSLI env vars (e.g. KOSLI_AWS_KEY_ID)
  2. export the AWS env vars (e.g. AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID).
  3. Use a shared config/credentials file under the $HOME/.aws

Option 1 takes the highest precedence, while option 3 is the lowest.

More details can be found here: https://aws.github.io/aws-sdk-go-v2/docs/configuring-sdk/#specifying-credentials


Published February 2, 2023, in technology


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