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A short history of the software bill of materials (SBOM)

Many people are talking about the software bill of materials, but few know about SBOM origins. I find it essential to understand the genesis of ideas, so let’s talk about the beginning of the SBOM. …

How to Use Kubernetes Namespaces: A Guide with Examples

Kubernetes namespaces logically isolate groups of related objects inside a cluster. You can use them to distinguish among objects belonging to different deployments, teams, and organizations. …

Cybersecurity regulation and the software supply chain

It’s standard practice for software companies to use existing software components as building blocks for their new products. But what happens when those building blocks contain vulnerabilities …

The Misunderstood Troll - A story about collaboration, communication and visibility in a regulated software organizations

In this talk Alex Kantor, Director of Technology at Modulr, will show you how they used Kosli to enable their developers to release directly to production in a financially regulated environment - …

How to Configure CLI Tools in Standard Formats with Viper in Golang

Over the past few years, the DevOps and CloudOps sectors have seen a rise in tools that focus on improving certain operations of teams within the industry. There seems to be a tool for almost any …

Get Python test coverage faster without killing your server

Getting system test coverage from a Python web server is not straightforward. If you search the internet all the hits describe killing the server (eg gunicorn) to get the coverage exit handlers to …

How to Securely Create, Edit, and Update Your Kubernetes Secrets

Secrets centrally store confidential data such as passwords, API keys, and certificates inside your Kubernetes cluster. You can inject secrets into your pods as environment variables or files in a …

Understanding Your Kubernetes Deployment Lifecycle—A Guide with Examples

Kubernetes today is the foremost container orchestration platform in the cloud-native ecosystem. It’s an open source system with rich features backed by a large and growing community. Its …

Kosli Changelog - December 2022

End of the year is just around the corner and many of us will leave for a holiday break soon. So this time you hear from us long before the month is over. Nothing to worry about! So much is happening …

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